House Tour: A Majestic Home.

I fell for this airy, Scandinavian home ! What an apartment ! The architectural features of the building are just so beautiful that only a simple and elegant interior like this would do it justice. The designers at Bybon are responsible for the interior of this fabulous home.

A majestic homeA majestic homeA majestic homeA majestic homeA majestic homeA majestic home

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Scandinavian Christmas Inspiration.

Christmas is just around the corner so I couldn’t resist sharing a little more festive  inspiration with you today.  Why don’t you add a little Scandinavian magic to your Christmas season this year !

Keep in mind that minimalism is the motto of Scandinavian Christmas. Here are some stunning ideas to get inspired !

Scandinavian ChristmasScandinavian ChristmasScandinavian ChristmasScandinavian ChristmasScandinavian ChristmasScandinavian Christmas Scandinavian Christmas Inspiration

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Church of living.

You have to see this fantastic project in Utrecht by Zecc Architecten. An old Catholic church is transformed into a stylish family residence and the interior is absolutely stunning !

Zecc sought to preserve the building’s historic façade while transforming the open interior into a cozy modern living space. Zecc’s conversion keeps the classic elements of the church in tact while creating an extremely modern residence within. The gorgeous space could even be converted back into a church in the future !

Church of living / Zecc ArchitectenChurch of living / Zecc ArchitectenChurch of living / Zecc ArchitectenChurch of living / Zecc ArchitectenChurch of living / Zecc ArchitectenChurch of living / Zecc ArchitectenChurch of living / Zecc ArchitectenChurch of living / Zecc Architecten


House Tour : A colorful Ibiza home

If you love color and mix matching you will love this playful house in Ibiza. Owned by a Dutch couple, it is straight out of a fairy tale with whimsical elements all coming in electric shades, against a clean white canvas. It is a dynamic house with such an eclectic mix of color and textiles, you truly feel the identity of the family in the creation of this home. Wonderful !

House tour : colorful house in IbizaHouse tour : colorful house in IbizaHouse tour : colorful house in IbizaHouse tour : colorful house in IbizaHouse tour : colorful house in IbizaHouse tour : colorful house in Ibiza

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Moroccan HOMES

I live just across the strait from Morocco and Morocco is one of my absolute favorite destinations (as you probably have noticed already !). Every single time I visit, I am stunned and amazed by the beautiful Moroccan interiors and architecture. And let’s not forget the tiles !!

Characterized by intricate carvings, arched doorways, and colorful fabrics, it should come as no surprise that Moroccan interior design has become very popular around the world.

Here, for your inspiration, are a few of my favorite examples.

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Moroccan Homes

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Masterclass with Dietlind Wolf

You now have the chance to take a masterclass with the incredible creative director and stylist Dietlind Wolf ! It’s a fantastic opportunity !

For those of you that don’t now Dietlind yet, she’s the leading stylist in Germany, represented by Taverene agency. Her stories and her exeptional styling is seen in magazines throughout the world. She also designs a line of heartbreakingly poetic and beautiful ceramics, all produced by herself in Hamburg.

‘Dietlind has got an eye for the unintentional and an awareness for the moment. It is the things happening at the corner of your eyes that make her work so authentic’


Masterclass with Dietlind Wolf

To apply for this masterclass :

2 workshops Gotland / Sweden

15. – 20. of june 2016

21. – 26. of june 2016

Marie Olsson Nylander’s home

Stylist Marie Olsson Nylander’s home is stunning, there are no other words to describe this home ! It is an ecectic interior full of suprising details. What I love the most is of course her sens of style, how to make different pieces and different times work together in total harmony, just a perfect mix of eclectic antiques and contemporary pieces.

Marie Olsson Nylander

Marie Olsson Nylander

Marie Olsson Nylander

The home of Marie Olsson Nylander

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The New Look !

As noticed, I’ve been away on other projects for a while. The blog has since been updated and reformed and is now ready for business again.

I will keep updating you on my inspirations and passions on the blog page. What’s new on the other hand, is that I’ve added a portofolio page where you can now see my work. I’ve also tried to transform the site to make it easier for future clients to get in touch with me and to know a bit more about who I am.

It’s a new beginning, I hope you’ll like it !

Children’s rooms

I feel inspired by these rooms ! This is definitely the way children’s rooms should look like. Children should be able to feel free and be creative in their space. Always prefer resistant and not treated materials for a natural and fonctionnal environment, if needed, spicy it up with bright colors and stickers.






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The Organic Sheep

The winter is just behind the door and temperature is going down every day. Lambskin is a great investment for the colder months. It’s not only cozy and warm, but also a great decorational object for your homes and it will give your interior that typical nordic look. I personally prefer the Icelandic lamb for the unusually long hair and the varying natural colors.

The Organic Sheep

The Organic Sheep     The Organic Sheep

Size: 110x70cm
Hairlength: 13cm