How about dressing like a Scandinavian this season.

Over the past couple of years, Scandinavia has risen from the shadows as an unlikely contender in the fashion field. The Scandi  can throw a look together, a seemingly inimitable aesthetic with zero effort (or at least, so it seems !). Known for unique design, clean lines and unconventional silhouettes, dressing like a Scandinavian has never been so on-trend.

If you want to see the coolest Scandi street looks with your own eyes, you can’t miss the Copenhagen Fashion Week: the biggest and most prestigious fashion event to take place in the Nordic Region, held annually every February and August.

Here you have some Scandi looks for your inspiration :

Dress like a ScandinavianDress like a ScandinavianDress like a ScandinavianDress like a ScandinavianDress like a ScandinavianDress like a Scandinavian

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Scandinavian Christmas Inspiration.

Christmas is just around the corner so I couldn’t resist sharing a little more festive  inspiration with you today.  Why don’t you add a little Scandinavian magic to your Christmas season this year !

Keep in mind that minimalism is the motto of Scandinavian Christmas. Here are some stunning ideas to get inspired !

Scandinavian ChristmasScandinavian ChristmasScandinavian ChristmasScandinavian ChristmasScandinavian ChristmasScandinavian Christmas Scandinavian Christmas Inspiration

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Fall Inspired Interiors

I put together my little list of fall interiors that I think will get us all inspired by the new season and in a state of mind for cooler temperatures and a new seasonal color palette.

Fall Inspiration


Fall Inspiration


Fall Inspiration


Fall Inspiration


Fall Inspiration



As you probably noticed, my list turns very much around the tones and shades of blue, green and grey. Those are all cold colors and that’s what I like having around me and they are colors I feel good around. Make your own inspirational list at home, you might like warm colors or maybe even neutrals. Share your list with me, I cannot wait to see what kind of inspiration you have found for your new fall home !

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My boards on Pinterest is a mix of things I love but that for some reason don’t make it to the blog. I mainly save my passions and random ideas for my Pinterest. However, there are tons of incredible pics so just click over for some inspiration ! Enjoy !


Moroccan HOMES

I live just across the strait from Morocco and Morocco is one of my absolute favorite destinations (as you probably have noticed already !). Every single time I visit, I am stunned and amazed by the beautiful Moroccan interiors and architecture. And let’s not forget the tiles !!

Characterized by intricate carvings, arched doorways, and colorful fabrics, it should come as no surprise that Moroccan interior design has become very popular around the world.

Here, for your inspiration, are a few of my favorite examples.

22306ee631d5e513df80c1d694baad06045097594c9711785b8239f51324da5c401f87578156ddc3d0724b4aa6e75143afaa520c8e6a5ad748f1ff96125e7652b9c1b2f8b878d1888b1d144515bf6a40Moroccan homes

Moroccan Homes

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Inspiration for your outdoor space

I’m redoing my roof terrace and actively looking for some cool inspiration so I thought I’d share some of my finds with you ! A shallow balcony can be a welcome respite or a way to take in a summer breeze. When the weather is nice, a terrace or balcony can extend your square meterage, giving you more space for entertaining, dining or relaxing. However, it’s not only fantastic hours up there in the summer, but in the real estate market, outdoor space is gold. It’s expensive, it’s rare, and it can add enormous value to a home.

Here are some ideas to create an amazing outdoor space, no matter how small…

Outdoor spaceOutdoor spaceOutdoor spaceOutdoor spaceOutdoor spaceune_terrasse_bordee_de_bambousOutdoor space


A green oasis in Venice beach, California

Photographer Philip Dixon created this Moroccan style retreat almost 20 years ago and it looks likes something out of a dream ! I am especially impressed by the magical garden and the calming water; the incredible river like pool running through the house. The inside/outside features of the house with the different spaces blending in together is another wonderful part of the house.  This sanctuary reflects his unique vision; a finely tuned aesthetic of minimalism, natural beauty and ethnic accents.

It feels worlds away… Have a look for yourselves !

adixon37Philip+Dixon’s+Moroccan+Retreat_04_delood0cdd498e2a820cf0a2b2312e7acd184aPhilip+Dixon’s+Moroccan+Retreat_09_delood philippe dixon Venice beach

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Style with Fall leaves

Is there anything more beautiful and captivating during fall than the colorful leaves ? The majestic trees that take the colorful shades of fall is pure magic… Why don’t we bring a bit of that magic in to our own homes ! If you follow my blog, you already know I love styling with nature. For me, there’s absolutey nothing better than decorating with nature itself. So let’s be creative and take advantage of fall’s beautiful colors with incredible leafy decorations.

For some inspiration have a look at the little selection I’ve made for you !

Style with fall leaves

style with fall leaves

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Inspiration for your Al Fresco Dining

There’s nothing better than al fresco parties in your garden or terrace during the summer months. I just love having a bunch of people over and why not do it in style ! It is the perfect occasion set up a beautiful table in open air, to decorate with fresh summer flowers, candles and original lightning. It also adds a lovely and enjoyable dimension to your dinner party and together you can appreciate a slower pace of life…

Keep in mind the lighting, especially if your event is going to stretch from day till night.

Get inspired from these photos to create your own pretty space in the style that suits you and the party you want to throw !

Al fresco diningVIA

Al fresco dining


Al fresco dining


Al fresco dining


Old is the new gold !

The photographer Ari Seth Cohen celebrates the style of New York’s cool older inhabitants, they are the fashionable seniors in NY !

They are fearless and creative and you just can’t help but love their sense of style ! They have one again proven that style has no age. Let them  be an inspiration for all of us ! Be creative, dear to use more color, mix & match to find your own unique style.

old is the new goldold is the new goldold is the new gold

Check out his photo blog Advanced Style for inspiration and more photos of these fabulous women and men ! I’m already a fan !