House Tour: A Majestic Home.

I fell for this airy, Scandinavian home ! What an apartment ! The architectural features of the building are just so beautiful that only a simple and elegant interior like this would do it justice. The designers at Bybon are responsible for the interior of this fabulous home.

A majestic homeA majestic homeA majestic homeA majestic homeA majestic homeA majestic home

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Church of living.

You have to see this fantastic project in Utrecht by Zecc Architecten. An old Catholic church is transformed into a stylish family residence and the interior is absolutely stunning !

Zecc sought to preserve the building’s historic façade while transforming the open interior into a cozy modern living space. Zecc’s conversion keeps the classic elements of the church in tact while creating an extremely modern residence within. The gorgeous space could even be converted back into a church in the future !

Church of living / Zecc ArchitectenChurch of living / Zecc ArchitectenChurch of living / Zecc ArchitectenChurch of living / Zecc ArchitectenChurch of living / Zecc ArchitectenChurch of living / Zecc ArchitectenChurch of living / Zecc ArchitectenChurch of living / Zecc Architecten


House Tour : A colorful Ibiza home

If you love color and mix matching you will love this playful house in Ibiza. Owned by a Dutch couple, it is straight out of a fairy tale with whimsical elements all coming in electric shades, against a clean white canvas. It is a dynamic house with such an eclectic mix of color and textiles, you truly feel the identity of the family in the creation of this home. Wonderful !

House tour : colorful house in IbizaHouse tour : colorful house in IbizaHouse tour : colorful house in IbizaHouse tour : colorful house in IbizaHouse tour : colorful house in IbizaHouse tour : colorful house in Ibiza

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OFF Paris Seine

The newly opened floating design hotel OFF Paris Seine is a definite must if in Paris this summer ! It’s a completely new experience, an urban adventure as they call it ! Just the perfect place if you want to disconnect from the city life.

The hotel is centrally located on the Seine next to the Charles de Gaulle Bridge, making it accessible from both Gare de Lyon and Gare d’Austerlitz. It is a collaboration between the French design boutique hotel chain Elegancia and Citysurfing. The  converted catamaran occupies 58 rooms and four suites, a bar, restaurant,  panoramic lounge, solarium, swimming pool and summer terrace and the rates run between €160 and 450 ($171-483) a night.

Look out, cause the floating hotel will also host a programme of art and festive events in summer.

Live Off on the Seine !

Off Seine ParisOff Seine ParisOff Seine ParisOff Seine Paris

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Address : 20-22 Port d’Austerlitz
Website :

Wall & Deco Contemporary Wallpaper

This is such fabulous find ! It is the dream of any person that’s passionate about interiors with a creative twist.

This Italian brand makes the most incredible wallpapers I’ve ever seen ! It is a completely new approach to wall decoration. Wall & Deco has a unique design and a very strong visual impact. From photographs to wall paintings, from tromp-l’oeils to macro-designs on material effect backgrounds – all these designs are cleverly turned into vertical wall patterns, with truly original visual effects.

Pink wind, Wall & Deco

Apart from the initial contemporary wallpaper line the brand proposes 2 exceptional systems :

The Outdoor Wallpaper. It is a wall covering system for external walls and facades that successfully meets its main purpose, a high decorative value, as well as major structural features which are able to strengthen the wall surface it is applied to: it does not crack, tear or cause abrasions.

Uxmal, Wall & Deco


The Shower Wallpaper. It is the patent pending technical wall covering for bathrooms, showers and damp spaces that combines the waterproof properties of liquid membranes with the highly decorative features of Wall&decò wall coverings.


Nouveau, Wall & Deco

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Let me introduce Maiko Takeada

Maiko Takeda is a milliner and jewellery designer currently based in Tokyo. She’s a surprising artist and her designs succinctly combine material clarity with a surreal sense of transformation.  Trained in jewellery design and millinery, her pieces combine aspects of both trades and are made with finely-cut strips of acetate affixed to a contemporary chainmail base. Her designs are almost from another world ; poetic, exotic and surreal …

“I believe my work lives its moments once they’re worn on the body, rather than being displayed static in a museum.”

You might have seen Björk wearing Maiko Takeda’s surreal jewellery pieces in the past and more lately for the digital release of Björk’s new Vulnicura album.

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In the name of PINK

The restaurant Sketch in London was redecorated by the Iranian architect and interior designer India Mahdavi in June 2014 and it’s all about Pink !


I know it’s not exactly new, but Sketch is such a surprising place that I wanted to share it with you anyway. It it is the paradise for design and art lovers as well as foodies and India Mahdavi has the ability to sprinkle magic where ever she goes…

It is a monochromatic interior, strikingly simple, with powder pink walls and velvet-covered custom-made furniture and an art installation (a backdrop of 239 works) with new works by British artist  David Shrigley. It is a playful contrast between his works and the classical bourgeois side of the restaurant. There is a definite feeling of drama and elegance.

Restaurant Sketch London

Restaurant Sketch London

The work will comprise new ceramic tableware, manufactured by British heritage brand Caverswall featuring Shrigley’s distinctive mordant drawings and texts. Shrigley’s plate design reflects the restaurant’s location in the West End of London.

Restaurant Sketch London

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Sketch, 9 Conduit Street, London, W1S 2XG

Project Bottle Up

In Zanzibar, tourism is a vital source of income for the island, but with it comes a lot of waste, especially in glass. The challenge posed by bottle-up, is to find a sustainable use for this glass.

As a result, young Dutch designers decided to turn the waste into a contribution that was more meaningful, creating Bottle Up. They teamed up with local craftsman to transform glass waste into functional and beautiful products. They develop a way of using the glass waste for the production of design items sold to tourists to generate financial support for the local communities. It shows the creative collaboration between dutch based designers and local craftsman.

Bottle-Up made its debut during the current Dutch Design Week, presenting its new perspective on glass design.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 12.43.42
Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 12.43.57


About Orly Ruaimi

Ruaimi Orly is a painter and jewellery designer and her company was launched in San Francisco in 2012. Orly’s works are modern, made of eco friendly, recyclable and conflict free materials. The pieces are architectural, raw- modern metals and already spotted on the arty and edgy crowd. So keep in eye out for this avant-garde designer, you will defenitely see more of her in the future.

“I’ve always been fascinated with “practical” objects which explored opportunities to create new colors, forms and textures.”

Ruaimi Orly

The collections, draws inspiration from nature, fashion and human culture, with a combination of a mechanical touch to show that both can create a beautiful and interesting union. She uses an abstract painting approach to create wearable and sculptural art. You’ll likely recognize pieces of bike and drive chains, steel rebar, nuts, bolts and other bits of mechanical hardware utilized in ways they were never intended.

Each piece is sculpted by hand with an organic and industrial flair – combined for a distinct new look. The collection speaks to anyone who appreciates fine art and looks for a cutting edge and innovative identity.

Ruaimi Orly

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Studio 146, 744 Alabama St, San Francisco, CA 94110, United States

Finnnish Summer Memories, Part II

If you drop by Helsinki on one of your trips, don’t miss the Design District Helsinki. Helsinki is paradise for any design lover, what I love about this city is that you have good design everywhere ! Helsinki was also awarded the World Design Capital in 2012.

Helsinki design districtThe Design District is a creative melting pot in the heart of the city, an area full of design and antique shops, fashion stores, museums, art galleries, restaurants and showrooms. A place where you can find  interesting new names, avant-garde, trend-setters and more.

-creativity, uniqueness, experiences, design and Finnish urban culture in one district –

design district helsinkiIn the heart of District is the Design Museum, the Museum of Finnish Architecture and Design Forum Finland, a gallery and a shop that presents the latest trends in Finnish Design.

helsinki design district