Sarvisalo, A Contemporary Art Hot Spot

Sarvisalo really caught my eye ! Anita and Poju Zabludowicz, are, through their collection, putting this tiny Finnish island on the map. They have been collecting art since 1994 and today, they own around 6,000 pieces by 600 young and emerging artists, with whom they collaborate on exhibitions, residencies and commissions in Sarvisalo, London and Las Vegas.

The Zabludowiczs’ homes on Sarvisalo comprise Suvinkunta, a cluster of houses and workshops acting as the hub for the residency; Herman’s, a 17th century manor house and “art barn” in the island’s main village of Härkäpää; and the Carpenter’s House, which offers further workshops and secondary buildings.


Anita Zabludowicz in front of Richard Wood’s Stone Clad Cottage (Bredvik), Sarvisalo, Finland. Picture – David Bebber

Since 2010 Zabludowicz Collection has initiated an international residency programme for invited artists on the island of Sarvisalo in Loviisa, Finland.The residency programme offers an open-ended and discursive environment for the production of art. Artists and practitioners from many disciplines spend up to a month researching and working on the island, sometimes producing works that remain in situ, or using the time to develop future projects and collaborations.

The Zabs, as insiders refer to them, occupy an unusual niche in the art world, given their focus on emerging and midcareer artists. “They really support artists before they break through,” says curator Hans Ulrich Obrist. “It’s a form of patronage.”

“Their openings attract a very young crowd that you don’t see at every other opening; there’s this informality,” says their friend Simon de Pury, the former chairman of the auction house Phillips de Pury & Company. “


Nicolas Deshayes, Keith Tyson, Caragh Thuring, Erin and Sam Falls, Poju and Anita Zabludowicz, and Olafur Eliasson 
and his daughter Alma, with Schieleren (Smears), 2010, by Franz West.


Stella Hamberg in the forest at Suvikunta, with her Berserker 1, 2007. Photography by Jason Schmidt



Adam McEwen’s Hare Swing, 2009. Photography by Jason Schmidt

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My boards on Pinterest is a mix of things I love but that for some reason don’t make it to the blog. I mainly save my passions and random ideas for my Pinterest. However, there are tons of incredible pics so just click over for some inspiration ! Enjoy !


Wall & Deco Contemporary Wallpaper

This is such fabulous find ! It is the dream of any person that’s passionate about interiors with a creative twist.

This Italian brand makes the most incredible wallpapers I’ve ever seen ! It is a completely new approach to wall decoration. Wall & Deco has a unique design and a very strong visual impact. From photographs to wall paintings, from tromp-l’oeils to macro-designs on material effect backgrounds – all these designs are cleverly turned into vertical wall patterns, with truly original visual effects.

Pink wind, Wall & Deco

Apart from the initial contemporary wallpaper line the brand proposes 2 exceptional systems :

The Outdoor Wallpaper. It is a wall covering system for external walls and facades that successfully meets its main purpose, a high decorative value, as well as major structural features which are able to strengthen the wall surface it is applied to: it does not crack, tear or cause abrasions.

Uxmal, Wall & Deco


The Shower Wallpaper. It is the patent pending technical wall covering for bathrooms, showers and damp spaces that combines the waterproof properties of liquid membranes with the highly decorative features of Wall&decò wall coverings.


Nouveau, Wall & Deco

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Florist Simone Gooch

I came come across the images of Sydney florist, Simone Gooch on London Design Festival this year. She’s the founder of the shop Fjura (flower in Maltese) that was established in 2005 in Sydney and moved to London in 2015.

Gooch favors minimalism in her own work. “I think it’s nice to keep it quite simple” she says of her often single-bloom, sculptural creations.

These are just a few of the stunning floral arrangements captured on Fjura’s Instagram.

Project Bottle Up

In Zanzibar, tourism is a vital source of income for the island, but with it comes a lot of waste, especially in glass. The challenge posed by bottle-up, is to find a sustainable use for this glass.

As a result, young Dutch designers decided to turn the waste into a contribution that was more meaningful, creating Bottle Up. They teamed up with local craftsman to transform glass waste into functional and beautiful products. They develop a way of using the glass waste for the production of design items sold to tourists to generate financial support for the local communities. It shows the creative collaboration between dutch based designers and local craftsman.

Bottle-Up made its debut during the current Dutch Design Week, presenting its new perspective on glass design.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 12.43.42
Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 12.43.57


Style with Fall leaves

Is there anything more beautiful and captivating during fall than the colorful leaves ? The majestic trees that take the colorful shades of fall is pure magic… Why don’t we bring a bit of that magic in to our own homes ! If you follow my blog, you already know I love styling with nature. For me, there’s absolutey nothing better than decorating with nature itself. So let’s be creative and take advantage of fall’s beautiful colors with incredible leafy decorations.

For some inspiration have a look at the little selection I’ve made for you !

Style with fall leaves

style with fall leaves

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About Orly Ruaimi

Ruaimi Orly is a painter and jewellery designer and her company was launched in San Francisco in 2012. Orly’s works are modern, made of eco friendly, recyclable and conflict free materials. The pieces are architectural, raw- modern metals and already spotted on the arty and edgy crowd. So keep in eye out for this avant-garde designer, you will defenitely see more of her in the future.

“I’ve always been fascinated with “practical” objects which explored opportunities to create new colors, forms and textures.”

Ruaimi Orly

The collections, draws inspiration from nature, fashion and human culture, with a combination of a mechanical touch to show that both can create a beautiful and interesting union. She uses an abstract painting approach to create wearable and sculptural art. You’ll likely recognize pieces of bike and drive chains, steel rebar, nuts, bolts and other bits of mechanical hardware utilized in ways they were never intended.

Each piece is sculpted by hand with an organic and industrial flair – combined for a distinct new look. The collection speaks to anyone who appreciates fine art and looks for a cutting edge and innovative identity.

Ruaimi Orly

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Studio 146, 744 Alabama St, San Francisco, CA 94110, United States

Inspiration for your Al Fresco Dining

There’s nothing better than al fresco parties in your garden or terrace during the summer months. I just love having a bunch of people over and why not do it in style ! It is the perfect occasion set up a beautiful table in open air, to decorate with fresh summer flowers, candles and original lightning. It also adds a lovely and enjoyable dimension to your dinner party and together you can appreciate a slower pace of life…

Keep in mind the lighting, especially if your event is going to stretch from day till night.

Get inspired from these photos to create your own pretty space in the style that suits you and the party you want to throw !

Al fresco diningVIA

Al fresco dining


Al fresco dining


Al fresco dining


Old is the new gold !

The photographer Ari Seth Cohen celebrates the style of New York’s cool older inhabitants, they are the fashionable seniors in NY !

They are fearless and creative and you just can’t help but love their sense of style ! They have one again proven that style has no age. Let them  be an inspiration for all of us ! Be creative, dear to use more color, mix & match to find your own unique style.

old is the new goldold is the new goldold is the new gold

Check out his photo blog Advanced Style for inspiration and more photos of these fabulous women and men ! I’m already a fan !

Easter decor

Easter is just around the corner now and If you like me think that any reason for decoration is good you will find some ideas and DIYs here below. I think that easter doesn’t just have to be the traditionnal yellow easter bunnies and eggs so I was more looking for alternative solutions to decorate this easter.

To decorate your home for easter can be a great project to do with children too, so get the whole family involved and start crafting !

Easter decor        Bluberry dyed easter eggs
Easter decor


Easter decor

easter decor

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