Church of living.

You have to see this fantastic project in Utrecht by Zecc Architecten. An old Catholic church is transformed into a stylish family residence and the interior is absolutely stunning !

Zecc sought to preserve the building’s historic façade while transforming the open interior into a cozy modern living space. Zecc’s conversion keeps the classic elements of the church in tact while creating an extremely modern residence within. The gorgeous space could even be converted back into a church in the future !

Church of living / Zecc ArchitectenChurch of living / Zecc ArchitectenChurch of living / Zecc ArchitectenChurch of living / Zecc ArchitectenChurch of living / Zecc ArchitectenChurch of living / Zecc ArchitectenChurch of living / Zecc ArchitectenChurch of living / Zecc Architecten


Moroccan HOMES

I live just across the strait from Morocco and Morocco is one of my absolute favorite destinations (as you probably have noticed already !). Every single time I visit, I am stunned and amazed by the beautiful Moroccan interiors and architecture. And let’s not forget the tiles !!

Characterized by intricate carvings, arched doorways, and colorful fabrics, it should come as no surprise that Moroccan interior design has become very popular around the world.

Here, for your inspiration, are a few of my favorite examples.

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Moroccan Homes

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A green oasis in Venice beach, California

Photographer Philip Dixon created this Moroccan style retreat almost 20 years ago and it looks likes something out of a dream ! I am especially impressed by the magical garden and the calming water; the incredible river like pool running through the house. The inside/outside features of the house with the different spaces blending in together is another wonderful part of the house.  This sanctuary reflects his unique vision; a finely tuned aesthetic of minimalism, natural beauty and ethnic accents.

It feels worlds away… Have a look for yourselves !

adixon37Philip+Dixon’s+Moroccan+Retreat_04_delood0cdd498e2a820cf0a2b2312e7acd184aPhilip+Dixon’s+Moroccan+Retreat_09_delood philippe dixon Venice beach

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Finnish Summer Memories, Part I

I’ve been around in Finland for soon 5 weeks, visiting friends and family, but also expoloring art and design. I will be posting some of the things that I found interesting during my stay here. You will find more updates and pictures on my Instagram account, do follow me if you see the world in the same terms as me !

First out in this serie is Gösta Serlachius Contemporary Art Museum in Mänttä, Finland designed by architectural firm MX_SI. The project is a result of an international architecture competition won by a Mexico + Slovenia team, based in Barcelona. Gösta’s Pavillion is an example of European cooperation, a fantastic spirit of the global times !

 Gösta Serlachius Contemporary Art Museum

The sensitive architecture of the timber-frame extension has won awards both in Finland and abroad. The firm added vertical wooden mullions to the exterior to evoke the trunks of trees in the surrounding park. I personally love the idea of a strong connection with the surrounding landscape.

art museum Gösta

“The project is conceptualised as an abstract and dense forest,” said the architects in a statement.

art museum Gösta

The winning design for the Helsinki Guggenheim

Helsinki GuggenheimThe Paris architect firm ‘Moreau Kusunaki Architects‘ is the winner of the Guggenheim Helsinki Project. Their proposal, titeled Art in the City is a black lighthouse of a breathtaking design with a strong Finnish character. It is an environmentally-concious building made of locally sourced timber and glass. It will be situated near the Observatory Park, connected to the pavillions and the South harbour.

Helsinki Guggenheim

This is fantastic news for all people loving art and architecture and it is obviously  a big day for Helsinki and for the whole Scandinavian art market ! The adventure now continues…

Helsinki GuggenheimPhotos VIA

Trees Inside !

Trees inside a house is definitely my thing ! I love the idea of having a big tree (or many) growing inside or in a closed patio. You can easily play on the distinction inside outside and it brings nature in to your home in a completely different way. It is a natural statement and it’s 100% green !

Trees inside

tree inside

Trees inside

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Pietra Nova, Corsica

I found this lovely house surfing on the homepage of Boutique Homes. Boutique Homes is a great page for vacational houses for chic nomads.

I fell for this house, since I love the idea of rooms opening up directly to the outside. And this particular house opens up to a splendid outside with breathtaking environments. I like the rustic and earthy feeling of the outside; nature was left untouched and the materials used for decoration blend in just perfectly well. A definite hit !

You have many, many more houses in different styles and shapes to explore on this page, so don’t hesitate if you have a couple of weeks off this summer and you’re looking for an orginal house done by amazing architects.





American modernism

I wanted to assemble a couple of photos from my favourite architectural era, the American Modernism, also called Desert Modernism. It is a great assimiliation of modern building and landscape, something that’s both aesthetic and good for the nature and the surroundings. You can recognize this style by its use of glass, clean lines and indoor/outdoor spaces, Desert Modernism evoked a lifestyle of simple elegance and informality.

I wish I could live in one of these houses…


Alexander Twin Palms House 2 by William Krisel, 1957; Photo: Julius Shulman/J. Paul Getty Trust


Raymond Loewy House by Albert Frey, 1947; Photo: Peter Stackpole


Huddle Springs Restaurant by William F. Cody, 1957; Photo: Bill Anderson

LUNATICAlounge, Montezuma, Costa Rica

LUNATICA lounge is a stunning luxury property with a magical setting. I love its modern and white architecture and the wild nature all around it. I wouldn’t mind renting it for a week or two !




For those of you interested, you’ll find some more info here :