Wall & Deco Contemporary Wallpaper

This is such fabulous find ! It is the dream of any person that’s passionate about interiors with a creative twist.

This Italian brand makes the most incredible wallpapers I’ve ever seen ! It is a completely new approach to wall decoration. Wall & Deco has a unique design and a very strong visual impact. From photographs to wall paintings, from tromp-l’oeils to macro-designs on material effect backgrounds – all these designs are cleverly turned into vertical wall patterns, with truly original visual effects.

Pink wind, Wall & Deco

Apart from the initial contemporary wallpaper line the brand proposes 2 exceptional systems :

The Outdoor Wallpaper. It is a wall covering system for external walls and facades that successfully meets its main purpose, a high decorative value, as well as major structural features which are able to strengthen the wall surface it is applied to: it does not crack, tear or cause abrasions.

Uxmal, Wall & Deco


The Shower Wallpaper. It is the patent pending technical wall covering for bathrooms, showers and damp spaces that combines the waterproof properties of liquid membranes with the highly decorative features of Wall&decò wall coverings.


Nouveau, Wall & Deco

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A Tribute to David Bowie

Gucci paid homage to David Bowie at the presentation of the AW16-17 Men collection in Milan yesterday with a black cardigan with “Bowie” written across the back, accompanied by animal embroidery and a large red heart.

A tribute to David Bowie

All in all, it is another fantastic collection by Alessandro Michele and  Michele’s now signature vintage/bookish/ornate style was on full display !

A Tribute to David Bowie

Ai Weiwei takes over Le Bon Marché in Paris

The controversial Chinese artist Ai Weiwei turns the historic retail space into his playground with an expansive exhibition titled “Er Xi, Air de Jeux” (or Child’s Play). The whimsical exhibition features kites rendered in bamboo, an item that harks back to the artist’s own childhood. In addition to the bamboo kites, the store’s windows will feature two-dimensional bamboo frames, while a dragon rendered in woven bamboo will snake through the store’s gallery space.

Photos by Gabriel de la chapelle

“Introducing the fantastic within a retail space strikes the imagination of customers, visitors, passersby. We all lead parallel lives in this other world of dreams, fantasies and feats. We must learn to coexist with them as they are an integral part of our humanity; to embrace our mythology. Children know how to do this naturally. This exhibition speaks to our inner child,” Ai Weiwei

Watch the making of :

Let me introduce Maiko Takeada

Maiko Takeda is a milliner and jewellery designer currently based in Tokyo. She’s a surprising artist and her designs succinctly combine material clarity with a surreal sense of transformation.  Trained in jewellery design and millinery, her pieces combine aspects of both trades and are made with finely-cut strips of acetate affixed to a contemporary chainmail base. Her designs are almost from another world ; poetic, exotic and surreal …

“I believe my work lives its moments once they’re worn on the body, rather than being displayed static in a museum.”

You might have seen Björk wearing Maiko Takeda’s surreal jewellery pieces in the past and more lately for the digital release of Björk’s new Vulnicura album.

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