Project Bottle Up

In Zanzibar, tourism is a vital source of income for the island, but with it comes a lot of waste, especially in glass. The challenge posed by bottle-up, is to find a sustainable use for this glass.

As a result, young Dutch designers decided to turn the waste into a contribution that was more meaningful, creating Bottle Up. They teamed up with local craftsman to transform glass waste into functional and beautiful products. They develop a way of using the glass waste for the production of design items sold to tourists to generate financial support for the local communities. It shows the creative collaboration between dutch based designers and local craftsman.

Bottle-Up made its debut during the current Dutch Design Week, presenting its new perspective on glass design.

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The eccentric and daring Tangier

Only 12 kilometrs across the strait from Spain you will find an exotic new world in a legendary North African city that has everything from cool cafés and new boutique hotels to glorious beaches, a fascinating history, and the world’s most famous kasbah.


Tangier was a bohemian mecca in the 1960s, and now the designer crowd is flocking back. For much of the 20th century, the Moroccan city was a bohemian dream, where smugglers and spies mixed with writers, artists, musicians.

TangierIn recent years, the Kasbah has seen the birth of a number of small hotels and guesthouses created within former kasbah townhouses and palaces. The one I prefer is La Tangerina Hotel (Riad Sultan 19, Tangier, Morocco) , a bohemain hotspot, right out of a Gypset book.

TangierThe restaurant to look out for is El Morocco Club (Place Tabor, Kasbah, Tangier), it’s the latest hype place in Tangier. Located at Bab Kasbah, in a typical Moroccan dar, it is teeming with surprises. Don’t miss the man in charge, our friend Oscar Ama Badji, the coolest guy in town !

Visiting Tangier you will be struck by the number of lively cafés in the city. One of the most famous ones is Café de Paris, a great mix of locals, expats, and travelers.

TangierAnother one is the Hafa, one of my favorite places in Tangier, just a short walk from the Kasbah. The breathtaking view and the thé à la menthe make it well worth the visit.

TangierTangier has a big literary legacy so don’t miss the book shops Librairie des Colonnes and Librairie Les Insolites, they both have a fantastic choice of books from authors such as Bowles.

If you’re in Tangier for shopping, a stop at my favourite shop is a must, the incredible Bazar Tindouf, it’s a caverne d’alibaba, full of carpets, lanterns, ceramics, ancient doors and other fabulous treasures.

TangierLas chicas is a new concept shop (52 rue Kacem Guennoun, porte de la Kasbah), where traditional craft meets contemporary design. A fantastic new pearl on the market !

Tangier is a place to just meander around the tumbling streets and cafes’. It’s such a mysterious place, to understand it, you have to look behind its doors, but once you give yourself some time, you will find Tangier to be eccentric, enduring and very charming.


The legend has it that you don’t choose Tangier, but that Tangier chooses you and Tangier chose me !