The exhibition ‘Retro Projection’ during the FIAC in Paris

Firouz Farman-Farmaian presented his striking solo exhibition ‘Retro Projection’ at the GRK Gallery in Paris during the Fiac.

Retro Projection

6 photos from the Smithsonian Institute taken during the Qajar era has been chosen to represent this exhibition. 6 windows of the past, transformed via a process of print and layering of natural pigments and Majorelle blue. It is a signed limited edition of 12 prints (1.00×0.70cm) of each of the 6 original photos, presented in white contemporary frames.

The pieces are destined to be seen (and reseen), to model the past in a new and contemporary way. Retro Projection is a work on identity, a meditation of a lost Orient…

Retro Projection

Retro Projection

For additional information, commissions etc :

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