About Orly Ruaimi

Ruaimi Orly is a painter and jewellery designer and her company was launched in San Francisco in 2012. Orly’s works are modern, made of eco friendly, recyclable and conflict free materials. The pieces are architectural, raw- modern metals and already spotted on the arty and edgy crowd. So keep in eye out for this avant-garde designer, you will defenitely see more of her in the future.

“I’ve always been fascinated with “practical” objects which explored opportunities to create new colors, forms and textures.”

Ruaimi Orly

The collections, draws inspiration from nature, fashion and human culture, with a combination of a mechanical touch to show that both can create a beautiful and interesting union. She uses an abstract painting approach to create wearable and sculptural art. You’ll likely recognize pieces of bike and drive chains, steel rebar, nuts, bolts and other bits of mechanical hardware utilized in ways they were never intended.

Each piece is sculpted by hand with an organic and industrial flair – combined for a distinct new look. The collection speaks to anyone who appreciates fine art and looks for a cutting edge and innovative identity.

Ruaimi Orly

Photos VIA

Studio 146, 744 Alabama St, San Francisco, CA 94110, United States

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