A House by the sea !

Haven’t we all dreamt about one day owning one of those incredible houses on the beach ? It’s atleast my ultimate dream !

A life by the sea is both peaceful and relaxing… the breeze of the sea, the nature, the sand on your feet… All these things make us want to leave the city and live our lives in another way.

My dream is obvisously an eclectic and a bit bohemian house, very charming and rustic at the same time and preferably and old farmhouse or something of the sort, but you have all sorts of houses and possibilites to make your dream just yours.

Here’s a selection of what I think a beach house should look like !

Beach house

Beach House

Beach House

Beach House

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Outdoor chimneys !

I am completely in love with this line of  copper chimneys. They will give your garden/ chill out area such warmth and ambiance during the summer nights. To choose the right chimney for your home, simply pick a style and a size that works with architecture of your home and your surroundings. Let the long and endless summer nights begin !

Have a look at this amazing line !

Outdoor Chimney

outside chimney

Outside chimney

More information about this line can be found on http://www.portobellostreet.es/