The newest interior project !

Here you can follow the latest project by TheMarigold! We are redoing the restaurant Casa Chez Papou in Tarifa, Spain. The restaurant clearly had an image problem from the start and the interior didn’t attract much people because of its dark walls and furniture.

The idea was to give it a new and more attractive touch, to brighten everything up on the inside and to have a more visible facade. We chose to do this by bringing in some eclectic  modern art and by painting all the furniture inside and outside in white (mixed with sand from the beach for a more rough and used touch). Firouz Farman-Farmaian then did some of his famous dripping in orange and red on each table and we covered the grey walls with a vibrant painting in 6 pieces to finalize the new artistic image of the restaurant.

Casa Chez papou

Casa Chez papou

On the tables you now find painted African pumpkins as candle holders and above the bar an old surfboard that Firouz has painted in the same color scheme.

Casa chez papou

Casa Chez Papou

The place is today an arty spot in Tarifa, famous for its original decor and its chicken dishes so do pop in for a bite and some of Papou’s famous cocktails if you happen to be in South of Spain !

Casa chez Papou


A project by TheMarigold, all photos personal. All artwork by Firouz Farman-Farmaian

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