Folie Fontainebleau wallpaper by Cole and Son

Folie Fontainebleau wallpaper by Cole and Son was presented in their pop up showroom at Deco Off Paris. I am crazy about it, it’s a bit psychadelic, a bit bohemian, just the way I like it. Personally, I wouldn’t mix it with as classical furnitures as presented here below in their showroom. I think they ask for more funky and cutting edge furnitures but then again it’s up to you to decide ! Let your imagination go wild !

cole and sons

cole and sons


Firouz Farman-Farmaian Exhibit & Residency 2014

Firouz Farman-Farmaian is showing 13 pieces in collaboration with the hotel Posada La Sacristia in Tarifa, Spain. For this show the artist was inspired by the elements of nature and more specifically by the 2 winds in Tarifa; the levante and the poniente. It’s a striking serie with vibrant colors conveying a message of depth and emotion. Taking a closer look at the pieces you will see the powerful interaction of energy and nature that the artists is so known for.

Firouz Farman-FarmaianFirouz Farman-Farmaian

Firouz Farman-Farmaian

I will keep you updated on his next art exhibition that will take place in Paris during the month of May. Be inspired !


Juju Hats

Juju hats are originally a bamileke ritual headdress (Cameroon), they symbolise prosperity, freedom and beauty. Lately, these hats have become very popular in interior decoration and they make a stunning impression on a wall. Juju Hats come in a wide range of rich colors, either monochrome or a combination of colors, depending on the inspiration of the craftsman.

 juju hat

juju hat juju hats  juju hat

Juju hats can be found on various different pages online, my photos are taken from an Australian page called hardtofind.