Arm Party

Don’t you love accessories ? I am of those who say ” more is better ” ! You can just never have too much…

Fall is coming with its dark and blurry colors, but don’t forget that nothing keeps you from spicing up things with accessories; go for necklaces, bracelets, rings and possibly a watch to create original and artistic looks ! An arm party is a fun way to accessorize your look for both night and day.

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Eco Wallpaper

Wallpaper is becoming more and more important in our interiors, since people don’t just want to have white walls around them. We are moving away from the fashion a couple of years ago of having 1 out of 4 walls with a striking wallpaper to today having entire rooms with wallpaper. I see a big tendency of 60’s and 70’s style with big and colorful prints.

At Eco wallpaper taking care of the environment is natural, at every stage from raw material to finished product and that’s what I like. Today it’s important for the customer to know what they are buying, what it’s made of and where it comes from.

Their designs are fashionable, creative and made with great taste, they have something for everyone I think. For you to create your own unique home not like anyone elses.

Check out their designs here below :





Tatsuo Kuroda & Normann Copenhagen

I found this chair ( Knot Chair ) designed by Tatsuo Kuroda for Normann Copenhagen and I just love the mix of danish design and the japanese elegance !
MATERIAL: Ash and papercord
Width/Length: 58.5 cm Height:72 cm  Depth:50.5 cm
Price : 376.00