The Marigold Shop

I am very happy to announce to you that I just opend my Etsy Shop called The Marigold (

Banner etsy

I will be selling vintage treasures that I scout on fleamarkets around Europe and North Africa.

I started my shop with my finds from last week in Marrakech. On my shop for the moment you can buy 2 incredible wedding rugs/blankets that can be used either as a blanket on a bed or a sofa or directly on the floor as a rug.

The wedding blankets are enjoying considerable popularity in Western interiors. Almost Modernist in their restrained aesthetics, handira are neutral in color, enlivened with rectilinear lines or boxes of texture. At the same time, the sequins lend a touch of glamour, and the texture and handmade feel of the blankets add a traditional exoticism.

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