Caravans are BIG !

Caravans is the big new thing ! When famous interior designers start designing caravans you know it’s the next big thing.

You obviously have the hippie boho side of it with people that love travelling around, riding down any street and stopping whenever their hearts tell them to. It has become a lot more popular with the economical crisies since it’s a realtively cheap option for travelling. On the other side, you have famous interior designers that use them as a mean of expression or even  as a piece of art. The arty Dutch decoration duo Ravage turn the caravans into chic luxurious and glamourous places, unfortunately I didn’t find a photo online to show you the caravan they did, but if you live in France you can see a couple of photos in the Elle Decoration of this summer.

So if you feel like being free and go wild this summer just customize an old caravan like the ones below and ride off !


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