The Marigold Shop

I am very happy to announce to you that I just opend my Etsy Shop called The Marigold (

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I will be selling vintage treasures that I scout on fleamarkets around Europe and North Africa.

I started my shop with my finds from last week in Marrakech. On my shop for the moment you can buy 2 incredible wedding rugs/blankets that can be used either as a blanket on a bed or a sofa or directly on the floor as a rug.

The wedding blankets are enjoying considerable popularity in Western interiors. Almost Modernist in their restrained aesthetics, handira are neutral in color, enlivened with rectilinear lines or boxes of texture. At the same time, the sequins lend a touch of glamour, and the texture and handmade feel of the blankets add a traditional exoticism.

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Caravans are BIG !

Caravans is the big new thing ! When famous interior designers start designing caravans you know it’s the next big thing.

You obviously have the hippie boho side of it with people that love travelling around, riding down any street and stopping whenever their hearts tell them to. It has become a lot more popular with the economical crisies since it’s a realtively cheap option for travelling. On the other side, you have famous interior designers that use them as a mean of expression or even  as a piece of art. The arty Dutch decoration duo Ravage turn the caravans into chic luxurious and glamourous places, unfortunately I didn’t find a photo online to show you the caravan they did, but if you live in France you can see a couple of photos in the Elle Decoration of this summer.

So if you feel like being free and go wild this summer just customize an old caravan like the ones below and ride off !


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Art Installation By Isa Barbier

I fell in love with these suspended installations by the French artist Isa Barbier who uses feathers hung on filament to create abstract geometric volumes.

“A work was done one day and destroyed and some items are kept – feathers, for example. These feathers, queued, may return in a later work, along with other feathers and other objects,” the artist says.

Suspended Feather Installation





Check out his homepage for more information :

Creating an outside living space

The summer is finally here and we all want to live outside for a couple of short months. It is very easy to create a living space in your garden or on your balcony with just a few arrangements.
You have two different ways of doing it, either you chose to create in a continuity of the inside or you chose to do something radically different on the outside. Whatever your choice is there are some basic rules to keep in mind when you start decorating your summer room.
I think it’s important to respect the environment, always try to integrate the nature as much as possible. Nature is there to be used if needed, hang a chandelier from a tree or put up a hanging chair, just keep in mind the harmony of it all. Make it cosy and comfortable, whatever style you’re going for it’s important to create a place where people feel good and where they want to hang around during the long summer nights.
Don’t hesitate to put out rugs, cushions, candles, torches and especially flowers and plants to create an atmosphere, it’s the small things that make the difference in the end. Don’t forget plaids for the cooler summer nights, especially if you want to invite people over. Another very important issue when looking for furniture for the outside is the climate, always remember to chose items that can take the wind, the rain and the sun.
For garden parties I would like to recommend you the new nomad kitchens, which give you great opportunities to cook outside among your friends.

With this, I wish you all many magical and memorable moments out in your outside living rooms. Let your creativity flow and remember inspiration is everywhere !

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