Style with Rattan

I love all furniture in rattan, but especially chairs and sofas. I just wish I had a bigger apartment to fit them all in…

I made you a little selection of what it could look like. I love the homey and warm feeling of it. Personally I love to style it with fur or colourful cushions, but you have endless opportunites with this material and that’s what’s great about it. Another great thing about rattan is that it can be used both indoor and outdoors; go crazy with colors for the garden and use to more neutral colors for the inside.

If you don’t feel like buying new furniture you have lot of other possibilites with rattan. Today you can find a lot of different types of lamps or baskets and other small decorational items in rattan. If you happen to find vintage furniture (or objects) it’s even greater I think, since you have that old and used kind of feeling to it which gives more character to your interior.

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All photos are taken from Pinterest

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