ART By Jenny Gray

“Paint is freedom and humanity to me.”

Jenny Gray is fantastic ! She does abstract oil paintings and art prints. You can easily see in her paintings that she used to work as a graphic designer before.

I particularly love her use of color and shape and her striking lines and layers. Her paintings are dynamic, vibrant and almost a bit architectural.

I hope you’ll enjoy her paintings as much as me !

OPEN GATE 24x36, oil on canvas, $1,100    OPEN GATE 24×36, oil on canvas, $1,100

Detail-No.2mw DETAIL NO. 2 48×48, oil on canvas, $3,200

Poppy-w POPPY 24″X24″ Oil on Canvas $700

pink-house-2mW PINK HOUSE 2 16X20, oil on canvas, $400

If you would like to know more about Jenny Gray you’ll find everything you need to know on her site /

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