I love Morocan rugs, they are all stories of life ! You obviouosly have all kinds of patterns, prints and colours, but they are all handmade, which means that every single rug is different and unique and that’s what makes them special in my eyes. Just go for the one that talks to you !

You have a lot of different ones from different regions such as  BOUCHEROUITE, BENI OUARIN CARPETS and AZILAL RUGS.

You can place them in in almost every kind of interior, from modern to vintage to industrial interiors. Here below you have the 3 different rugs in 3 different interiors :




1) Azilal rug 2) Boucherouite rug 3) Beni Ouarin carpets

If you’d like to buy Morocan rugs or if you just want more information I recommend this page :

Style with Rattan

I love all furniture in rattan, but especially chairs and sofas. I just wish I had a bigger apartment to fit them all in…

I made you a little selection of what it could look like. I love the homey and warm feeling of it. Personally I love to style it with fur or colourful cushions, but you have endless opportunites with this material and that’s what’s great about it. Another great thing about rattan is that it can be used both indoor and outdoors; go crazy with colors for the garden and use to more neutral colors for the inside.

If you don’t feel like buying new furniture you have lot of other possibilites with rattan. Today you can find a lot of different types of lamps or baskets and other small decorational items in rattan. If you happen to find vintage furniture (or objects) it’s even greater I think, since you have that old and used kind of feeling to it which gives more character to your interior.

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All photos are taken from Pinterest

The Rock Restaurant, Zanzibar

The weather is continously bad here in Paris, it’s raining night and day…

What to do ? Well, I for once started looking for far away places to go to, as far away as possible from the greyness here. My dream trip has always been Zanzibar and looking for spots there I found this incredible restaurant. It looks like heaven on earth, I mean who wouldn’t want to have dinner there in the candle light with someone you love…

So, if you’re lucky enough to visit Zanzibar one day, check out the Rock Restaurant for a magical and unique experience ! I will keep on dreaming…


rock-restaurant-zanzibar-3     Rock-Restaurant-Zanzibar-4




Check out the new clip COMET ON FIRE by Firouz ! It’s an incredible Live Action Painting & Body art Performance at the “Atlelier Le 100” in Paris. Comet on Fire leaves no one indifferent ! It’s touching and completely psychadelic, just like the artist himself !

I’m in love ! Are you ?

COMET ON FIRE / FIROUZ + VAGABOND HEART 8 tracks now available on all digital platforms. Stop by his site for more information on future developments.

ART By Jenny Gray

“Paint is freedom and humanity to me.”

Jenny Gray is fantastic ! She does abstract oil paintings and art prints. You can easily see in her paintings that she used to work as a graphic designer before.

I particularly love her use of color and shape and her striking lines and layers. Her paintings are dynamic, vibrant and almost a bit architectural.

I hope you’ll enjoy her paintings as much as me !

OPEN GATE 24x36, oil on canvas, $1,100    OPEN GATE 24×36, oil on canvas, $1,100

Detail-No.2mw DETAIL NO. 2 48×48, oil on canvas, $3,200

Poppy-w POPPY 24″X24″ Oil on Canvas $700

pink-house-2mW PINK HOUSE 2 16X20, oil on canvas, $400

If you would like to know more about Jenny Gray you’ll find everything you need to know on her site /

My love for Copper

Copper is my new love ! I love love love it in every way.

It’s so easy to mix with other materials, fabrics or colors, and what a result ! It’s subtle and glamourous, it’s feminin and masculin at the same time, it just depends how you decide to use it. I personally prefer using accents of copper rather than copper as a whole entity like I’ve seen quite a lot lately, like a wall or a ceiling for example. But in the end, don’t forget that you’re the designer of your home… Just mix and match, only the sky is the limit !

Here are some products and interiors with copper that I find interesting.




9411379272697fde615f3ce450f51c7e Cabinet door

316d50bd3994b3738b7ccc06b309c90d Copper lights

The one and only Paola Navone

Paola Navone is an incredible interior designer, architect and art director from Italy. I love everything she does, she’s a true visionary !

What I like most about her style is that she always tries to combine modern design with traditional handicraft. She is also a pioneer of shabby-chic style that’s become so popular nowadays. She mixes and matches different styles and different influences in everything she does, which makes her style very eclectic and recognisable.

She has worked with the biggest and the most famous ones in the industry : Armani, Knoll International, Natuzzi, Alessi, just to name a few.

Some of her designs :


landokast500x375     landobed500x375

Her superb Paris loft :






The photos are taken from

Une Balade aux Puces

The weather was great here in Paris last weekend  so I went off on a walk to the Clignancourt market. I’m in love with that place…you can walk for hours and find treasures of every kind and price, antiques and vintage mostly.

I made you a little selection of things I stumbled on making my way through the market. I hope you’ll enjoy it !


-7      -10

-14      -12