Back in Paris on a Monday morning !

“Back in Paris on Monday morning… ” sounds like lyrics off some song doesn’t it ?

I had an amazing time in the South, hopefuly back there soon… I need  the joy and the energy that the Sun brings its way…

Here are some pics from last week in order for you to see the wibes of the South (and hopefully feel them too !)

Have a great week !

HP gib

Calle      Santa Barbara

Tarifa street

All photos are taken by Firouz Farman-Farmaian

Pietra Nova, Corsica

I found this lovely house surfing on the homepage of Boutique Homes. Boutique Homes is a great page for vacational houses for chic nomads.

I fell for this house, since I love the idea of rooms opening up directly to the outside. And this particular house opens up to a splendid outside with breathtaking environments. I like the rustic and earthy feeling of the outside; nature was left untouched and the materials used for decoration blend in just perfectly well. A definite hit !

You have many, many more houses in different styles and shapes to explore on this page, so don’t hesitate if you have a couple of weeks off this summer and you’re looking for an orginal house done by amazing architects.





Ulyana Sergeenko

Ulyana Sergeenko is a russian stylist, photographer, blogger and designer. She’s recognized by the industry as a real style icon and she recently started her own fashion brand, bringing us closer to her eclectic style that I am personally completely crazy about. She started her own couture collection in Paris, in the summer of 2012.

Have a look at her theatrical Spring / Summer 2013 couture collection Gone With the Wind.


0550_ARC0101.450x675        0537_ARC0088.450x675



For full collection, check out

Ulyana’s blog :

Bricks for the House

I love bricks in every form and color ! I think it’s great to mix with other materials for your interior. It can be classical, industrial, cozy or bohemian, depending how you decide to use it.

Here are some pictures that I find amazing. Great inspiration if you like me are out to change your interior.

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All photos are taken from Pinterest.