London Fashion Week

I’ve been following the London fashion week with a lot of pleasure this time. It’s so refreshing to see all this creativity and energy ! Feels like a wind of freedom took over London…
All this colors and patterns and craziness, love it !

Here’s a small selection from London  :

Tom Ford

YVL_3936.150x226  YVL_4048.150x226  YVL_4139.150x226


_FIO0052.150x226     _FIO0270.150x226

Peter Pilotto

_PET0030.150x226   _PET0050.150x226   _PET0335.150x226

Louise Gray

_LOI0108.150x226   _LOI0152.150x226   _LOI0230.150x226

Tata Naka

542838_photo-2-defile-tata-naka-fashion-week-automne-hiver-2013-2014     542840_photo-4-defile-tata-naka-fashion-week-automne-hiver-2013-2014

There’s obviously a lot more to see for you fashion lovers that can’t get enough…Milan is next ! Even though, I’m personally not a huge fan of the Milan Fashion Week, more excited about Paris…

Falling Garden Installation

I happened to stumble across a photo of this Installation on Pinterest a couple of days ago and I found it so exquisite that I had to look it up.
Gerda Stein and Jörg Lenzlinger created the Falling Garden installation for the 2003 Venice Biennale. It’s a botanic tableau in three dimensions, against a backdrop of richly decorated Italian marble.
When you lie on the bench and look up, they described the flowers as “thinking for you.”
It looks like a dream to me, so peaceful and beautiful… I would love to see this installation, it really makes me dream !




Hector Guimard chandeliers

Hector Guimard, is a French architect, decorator, and furniture designer, probably the best-known French representative of Art Nouveau. I am especially fond of his chandeliers which are among the most beautiful I’ve ever seen…


“Chiselled golden bronze, coloured glass, beads and glass tubes, brass and copper structure. 41 x 19 cm. Musée d’Orsay, Paris.


bronze, glass, with suspended brass rods and glass canes and beads
25 in. (89 cm.) drop; 14¼ in. (36 cm.) wide